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TWA Flight 800 took off from New York’s Kennedy airport on a beautiful July evening in 1996 bound for Paris. The takeoff was uneventful but as the plane climbed to 15,000 feet, it suddenly exploded over Long Island Sound. All aboard were killed. The Federal government immediately began an exhaustive investigation under the supervision of the FBI. Many suspected terrorism. Eye witnesses swore that they saw missiles streaking toward the doomed jet.

Yet after an exhaustive investigation that included the collection of the wreckage and the reassembling of the plane, the investigators reported that there was no missile attack, sabotage or any evidence of terrorism. Instead they reported that the cause of the explosion was “faulty wiring in the center fuel tank”. Soon the investigators were accused of a cover up. They denied it of course and stood by their conclusions. However 747s worldwide were never grounded for repairs, nor were any airliners that had a similar fuel tank design. The President continued to fly in Air Force One which was a 747. Nearly twenty years later there are many who feel that TWA Flight 800 and its passengers were the victims of a terrorist act.

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